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Rolling Forecast With Power BI

In this blog we cover how you can realize a rolling forecast with Power BI (this approach works equally with Excel Pivot Tables).

A rolling forecasts is a widely used concept for financial analysts that shows actual data until a cut off date and after that future assumptions like budget or forecast values. It looks something like this:

Rolling forecast actual-forecast in Power BI
Rolling forecast actual-forecast in Power BI

Simple DAX

This can be achieved with a simple DAX calculation where you refer to the cut off date “forecast parameter” and just return “actuals ” before and your forecast data after. Similar to:

Rolling Forecast = If(max(DimDate[Date])<max(‘Forecast Parameters'[Closing Date]),[AC],[FC])

In a properly structured data model – Acterys generates this automatically– with an account, a scenario dimension, and a single value column nothing more is required. Just put your accounts hierarchy in the rows and your date dimension in the columns of a matrix visual e.g. Power BI Matrix or Acterys Matrix.

The forecast parameter can be managed using a Dax calculation, edit table in Power BI or with Acterys Table Edit which allows users without any admin rights (Edit Table and changing DAX for maintaining the cut off date only works in Power BI Desktop) to edit data in relational tables directly in Power BI service or Desktop:

Setting rolling forecast parameter
Setting rolling forecast parameter

Write-Back And Edit

The Acterys Matrix Power BI Custom Visual also enables users to enter and edit the forecast values directly in the matrix:

Rolling forecast data entry
Rolling forecast data entry

This can be done on the single period or for the entire forecast period. Particularly easy with Acterys Matrix as it supports expand and collapse in columns which the native Power BI Matrix does not:

rolling forecast aggregate
rolling forecast aggregate

The forecasting write-back and user rights management logic (automatically setting write back rights to only the forecast period and locking of actuals) is now automatically available for Acterys users.

To try it out, start your free trial here: or speak to our chat team for any further questions.

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